"As an entrepreneur who works online, I don't have many opportunities to meet like-minded ladies. GoGirl Innovation is great because it gives women an opportunity to learn and grow and gain inspiration and advice from those who have succeeded in the industry. I appreciate how information is readily available to help women grow and start a business, release a product or even expand the businesses they already operate. It's so important for women to learn from each other and GoGirl Innovation makes doing that so easy and convenient."


"As someone who wants to start her own business, I found GoGirl Innovation to be incredibly helpful. I have a product that I need to patent, but I was very worried about the patent process because it can be so expensive. Luckily, Melissa from GoGirlInnovation has provided step-by-step guidelines on how to patent my idea and save thousands of dollars. I highly recommend her training course to any woman who wants to own her own business or launch her own product!"

-Julianna G

"I was on a Facebook group called Bloggers For Bloggers where all the members were actually Bloggers except me, although I have my enthusiasm to become a writer. I didn't participate in their conversation but I kept watching and reading them. One time I saw a member share her tips and business conversation. She was so very supportive and knowledgeable with all her free information. She even PM'd me to answer all my questions. I felt confident working with her and knew she could help build my business. Her website is GoGirl Innovation. I would describe Melissa Knaus with GoGirl Innovation as an expert, knowledgeable and caring, and a very inspirational woman. Her Facebook page caught my attention and then I clicked to check it out, I saw all the content of her page and it was about women in society along with women having prestigious recognition on their businesses and innovations. There is always an encouragement for women from weaknesses to become strong. Since then, I have liked and shared her page continuously, until I found her helping me on a regular basis. I was literally empowered by her. I'm so impressed by the way she helped me, nurturing from day to day. She encourages me as a woman and has a great responsibility in the society. At this point I really find Melissa so amazing because since then I been already motivated by her quote. She pushed me to move forward on my goal. We are women; believe that we are strong and never give up! That's what Melissa taught me."