Master Class

Master Class

Mission Statement

A mission statement represents company’s vision therefore it should be crafted with care. It must be concise and should clearly represents the overall goals and aims of your entity. A carefully crafted vision statement plays vital role in making strategic decisions of your company.

How to advertise your brand/service

In case you have a startup, it’s less likely that you have a huge amount set aside for marketing purpose. This doesn’t necessarily means you cannot your market your product/service effectively. Before the advent of digital marketing, there were few ways to market your product however since the beginning of the digital media there are several cheap ways to market your product that you should look into.

Essential things to consider in marketing your product

In order to achieve your marketing objectives you should follow the basic market management concepts that are four in number. However, they can vary a little bit depending upon the kind of business you carry. Your company can follow either one or four of them depending upon it’s nature.

Defining your audience/Target Marketing

In order to market your product effectively, you need to define your audience first. Understand what the problem your targeted audience face and what solution you have for them. Once you have clear and concise idea about that you can easily operate your business in that space.

Email Marketing/Business Writing

Your team should be properly trained in order to get this done effectively and quickly so that it can express the essence of your business in a more clear way. In order to do that effective business writing skills come into play. Clarity is the key, therefore your business should be defined in a clear tone.

Market Analysis

In order to stand out amongst your competitors you should do market search. It can help you to have more specific information regarding your competitors and clients. This needs to be taken seriously because it is the critical part in expanding your business. Your customers are the backbone of your business so varying the demands of business can affect activities of your entity and thus defines the success of your business.

Define consumer and customer wisely

To make your entity runs in the long run, define your customer wisely. All you need to do is to take care of the end user versus the customer. The demand of your product will increase only if the consumer utility increases. Make sure to keep redefine a customer and consumer when you put your marketing efforts.

Press Release ( You will be offered a free copy)

The importance of press release for businesses since the emergence of digital revolution is debatable. There are several pros and corns and there are significant arguments at both ends. For most of the online businesses this is one of the important things, it could hit or miss. In case if this is in your favor it will create an amazing impact.

Changing Social Media Brand Building

Social media brand building is one of the best ways to engage your audience. However it could result in losing your followers sometimes. You can engage your audience by posting your content on each platform. All you have to do is to repurpose your content and then treat each of the social media platforms differently. Follow my social media brand building course in order to save your time.

What will you receive with your coaching?

You will acquire: Access to my personal mentorship and my years of learning and coaching along with my highest quality content and proven strategies to help your business or innovation grow and succeed.

You will acquire: New ways of thinking, tricks of the trade and personal behaviors that will allow you to create success in a very short period of time.

You will acquire: Proven ways to success. Stop spending years and years, and thousands of dollars on research and get no where because you don’t know where to begin. I can just share with you all of my knowledge and information right now?

Why do we know you will be amazed and satisfied?

FREE Availability to your own innovation and business topics and will be answered in one of the trainings.

FREE Availability to our Facebook Meeting Group and have all of your questions answered. You’ll never be left wondering “How do I do this??…”

FREE Weekly notes to support the trainings. Write down the key points , take notes as you we go as a group or one on one.

Remember our Coaching Program is where you get Melissa one on one who has done a Patent Innovation along with running her own Business from A-Z herself! You get to meet with a her online and in the comfort of your home for this small investment.

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I would describe Melissa Knaus with Go Girl Innovation as an expert, knowledgable and caring and a very inspirational woman. Their is always encouragement for women from weaknesses to become strong. Since then, I LIKED and SHARED her page continuously ,until I found her helping me on a regular basis. I was literally empowered by her. I'm so impressed the way she helped me,nurturing from day to day and she encourage me as a woman has a great responsibility in the society and this point I really found Melissa so amazing because since then I been already motivated by her quote,she pushed me to move forward on my goal. We are women,believed that we are strong,never give up!That's Melissa taught me."-Julianna


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About Melissa Knaus

I’m Melissa Knaus. I’m an entrepreneur, patent expert, and business coach with a passion for helping women create the businesses they dream of leading. When I traded in my full-time office job to start a company and patent my first product, there was a lot I didn’t know. How do I form an LLC? Or should I form an INC? What should my patent sketches look like? How do I market and sell my product? What I did know was much more powerful.