Before I patented my first product—and years before business coaching had even crossed my mind—I read as much as I could about business and entrepreneurship in good old fashioned books. Since then, the internet has sort of taken over—but I stand by my books!

Even with the endless queue of articles and blog posts that float across our screens every day, there’s no replacement for sitting down with a good read. Here are some of my favorites:

(Full disclosure: I make a small commission for each book purchased through these links, which helps me keep course prices down! These books will rotate every once in a while, but I’ll never recommend a product that I don’t truly love.)

The art of the start 2.0

Fully revised and expanded for the first time in a decade, this is Guy Kawasaki's classic, bestselling guide to launching and making your new product, service, or idea a success....

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Shark Tales

The inspiring true story of Shark Tank star Barbara Corcoran--and her best advice for anyone starting a business. After failing at twenty-two jobs, Barbara Corcoran borrowed $1,000...

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Lean In

In Lean In, Sheryl Sandberg reignited the conversation around women in the workplace. Sandberg is chief operating officer of Facebook and coauthor of Option B with Adam Grant. In 2010, she ...

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