I’m Melissa Knaus.

I’m an entrepreneur, patent expert, and business coach with a passion for helping women create the businesses they dream of leading. When I traded in my full-time office job to start a company and patent my first product, there was a lot I didn’t know. How do I form an LLC? Or should I form an INC? What should my patent sketches look like? How do I market and sell my product?

What I did know was much more powerful.

I knew that I needed a massive lifestyle change. After working my way up the latter at my full-time job, I knew that I wanted a professional life that empowered me instead of restricting me. I wanted to be present for important events in my children’s lives, and I wanted more than two weeks of vacation each year.

I wanted independence, and I knew that starting my own business was my next step.

So I started to make changes.

I spent years researching business and learning through trial and error. I took out library books on patents obsessively, and I met some incredible mentors. I found myself raising three daughters, recently divorced and relocated, working full-time, and spending any free time I could pursuing my vision full-force.

Since then, I’ve grown a business, patented my product, and learned lessons about entrepreneurship that I didn’t even know to prepare for.

My “learning by doing” approach got me started, but meeting mentors who pointed me in the right direction changed the game. They gave me the know-how I needed to make my business work and answered questions that I didn’t know to ask. That’s the kind of support that I’m here to offer to you.

Innovation can feel like a man’s world, and starting a business as a woman can be daunting. But the independence that comes with creating your own business is life changing— and if you want that, I want to help you get there.

I believe that you are uniquely capable of creating the business that you envision yourself running. So often as women we prioritize others’ needs over our own, at work and at home. Many of us find ourselves working full-time and devoting ourselves to our partners and kids without realizing that we’re neglecting our own passions—which brings me to one more thing I believe whole-heartedly:

  • You have to make this your time.
  • You have to decide that you are ready to create the business that you want, and then
  • you have to make it for yourself.

What you don’t have to do? You don’t have to completely rearrange your life, and you don’t have to figure it all out on your own.

My courses share specific details on the most vital things I’ve learned, from navigating patent laws to meeting with investors and marketing your product. I’m putting everything I know in these courses so that you can take on your goals with savvy, confidence, and support.