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These aren't just more how-to courses about social media. I am actually going into every little detail of building and marketing your business so that you'll have the confidence to build your profitable innovation or grow your business without the overwhelm of having to figure out all the technical details on your own. I am here by your side, step by step. I’ve shown other innovators and entrepreneurs not only how to build their own businesses and patent their own innovations, but how to thrive in the businesses that they have created for themselves. If you like what you're reading and want to get started, drop us a line and we can start you off with a free business plan!

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I’m Melissa. I’m an entrepreneur, patent expert, and business coach with a passion for helping women create the businesses they dream of leading. When I traded in my full-time office job to start a company and patent my first product, there was a lot I didn’t know. How do I form an LLC? Or should I form an INC? What should my patent sketches look like? How do I market and sell my product? What I did know was much more powerful.
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